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Page history last edited by Benjamin L. Stewart, PhD 8 years, 7 months ago

Feel free to introduce yourself by posting a reply below.  You might consider sharing the following...


  • teaching context
  • educational experience
  • teaching successes and challenges
  • teaching goals
  • etc. 

Comments (2)

James Buckingham said

at 7:19 am on Jan 11, 2016

Greetings from Abu Dhabi.
My name is Jim (James) Buckingham. I'm an Instructor / Education Technologist currently teaching a Basic Freshman Composition Writing Class in a tertiary institution that is based both here and in Dubai. I have over 16 years experience working at the Institution.

Teaching successes and challenges?
Biggest teaching successes are largely based on a natural curiosity to learn and improve my practice which is largely responsible for continued, successful integration of education technology strategies in the various general education courses that I've taught here. Greatest challenges however continue to be looking for ways to improve the effectiveness of my instruction and to document that work so it can be shared with my peers.

Key teaching goals for me?
These actually relate to the last point. Improving my effectiveness as an educator and taking a deeper interest in documenting my efforts so that they can be shared with and tested by my peers. I find myself drawn to wanting to learn more about heutagogy (https://heutagogycop.wordpress.com/history-of-heutagogy/) a still relatively unknown field of education but one that I'm anticipating will grow in stature as more and more people begin to see the promise of self directed learning that is being facilitated more and more by the capacities of the Web.

Learn more about me via the following

Benjamin L. Stewart, PhD said

at 3:26 pm on Jan 11, 2016

Hello James and welcome! Your insightful comments spark a few questions related to ongoing professional learning: 1) Are there any challenges associated with collecting evidence of student understandings and how you publish this as their teacher, facilitator, etc. (openly?) online? Are there issues regarding what should be published for the entire world to see and/or licensing agreements such as Creative Commons? 2) When you mention, "...documenting my efforts so that they can be shared with and tested by my peer", what would this kind of peer or collegial assessment look like? How open are educators to share their teaching and learning publicly online? Thanks for sharing!

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