Day 1

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Essential question: How can a research question reflect a researchable problem based on one's current teaching practices?


Instructions: After having completed the goal-setting activity, review the researchable problem page regarding how to narrow down a practical problem to a researchable problem. Begin surveying the literature that supports your researchable problem, making sure to narrow down the topic to a focused thesis statement.


Activity 1:

Reflect on your current teaching practice and identify a particular issue or problem that you wish to know more about.  Use the following questions as a guide: 


1. What is the issue?  Is it more pedagogical?  Is it based more on the learners?

2. Is the issue instructional?

3. Is the issue based on assessment?

4. Is the issue curricular? Is it based on policy?

5. Is it a problem others have researched?  Is there literature surrounding this issue?  Note: if the answer is "no", then I would suggest focusing on another researchable problem. Grounded theory will not be explored in this five-day workshop.


Once you have identified a researchable problem statement and if time permits, develop a research question or questions that reflect this specific issue directly. Make sure to develop (or at least consider) a question that addresses a researchable problem (specific enough to explore the literature) and not a practice problem (too general).


Activity 2 (see task for day 1 in outliner):



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