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Day 2

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Essential question: How do claims (i.e., premises) support an overall thesis?


Instructions: Review related content (to the right of your screen).  Your thesis statement answers your research question, which is based on your researchable problem.




  • As you review the literature (e.g., en the UAA library), brainstorm key concepts surrounding your topic.

  • Create the "skeleton" of your five paraphrase essay, either as an outline, mind map, etc.

  • Share (face-to-face, social media, PLN, etc.) your skeleton with colleagues, asking questions like 1)What experiences, opinions, etc. do you have about each other's thesis statements? 2) Is the reasoning pattern logical, based on how the premises align to an overall thesis statement? etc.


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Comments (4)

Yanahalti said

at 12:23 pm on Jan 13, 2016

Problem: I am interested in student interaction because I want to know how more prepared students can help the less advanced ones in order to develop more confidence among students when working in pairs or groups.

Thesis statement: Less advanced students can learn better when working with more prepared ones through problem solving activities, social interaction and peer cooperation; all these factors contribute to develop more confidence among them.

Topic sentence 1: Problem solving activities are useful for rising cooperative interaction in order to practice L2 in an authentic way.
Topic sentence 2: According to Constructivism social interaction in the classroom promotes the apprentice student to learn from the expert one.
Topic sentence 3: Working with peers helps students develop more confidence and motivation among them.

Luis said

at 1:18 pm on Jan 13, 2016

I am interested in positive and effective teacher feedback because I want to find out when and how to promote self-confidence in students.This is in order for them to develop fluency, so they are able to improve their oral performance in the classroom.


Positive teacher feedback helps students improve their speaking skills in the ELT classroom.

Topic sentence 1
Using positive feedback increases students’ motivation.

Topic sentence 2
If students receive only negative feedback, they will likely become demotivated to continue speaking.

Topic sentence 3
It is always important for the teacher to adopt a positive attitude towards student speaking.

LOLIS said

at 12:50 pm on Jan 15, 2016

PROBLEM: I am interested in knowing more about student’s expectations about learning because I want to find out what supplementary materials help Ss relate contents in order to use the language meaningfully.

THESIS STATEMENT: The use of video helps Ss relate content from the book by 1) using the language meaningfully, 2) understanding the language the way it is used and 3) learning new vocabulary.

TOPIC SENTENCE 1: Using extra resources help students find the connection between the textbook and the real use of the language.

TOPIC SENTENCE 2: If students can see that the language used in the textbook is used by natives, they will find that connection.

TOPIC SENTENCE 3: Students will be able to recognize that they learn new vocabulary by using extra resources and then use it in the classroom while working with the textbook.

Geras said

at 9:31 am on Jan 20, 2016

Thesis statement:
The use of visual materials like realia, pictures and videos in an ESP class helps students make connections with the English language by encouraging them to use the language in a real context.

Topic sentences:
1. The use of realia encourages students to use the language in a real context.
2. The use of pictures allows learners to use the language in a real context.
3. The use of videos helps students use the language in a real context.

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