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Day 3

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Essential question: How do supporting sentences within a paragraph relate to a topic sentence?


Instructions: Review outliner when completing this module, specifically the MEAL plan and paragraph coherency. 




  • Choose one of your body paragraphs and begin developing the MEAL plan around a main idea (topic sentence).

  • As you develop your body paragraph, share your progress with a colleague by identifying the types of supporting sentences (think MEAL plan, organizational structure, discursive writing, etc.).  This can be done either synchronously or asynchronously. 



Teacher reflection

  • What does it mean to be accessible to your students?  Is there a downside to being accessible?
  • How do you provide feedback (assessment) so not to discourage learners?
  • Do you primarily give feedback in class or outside of class?  Why?  How would the learning design be affected if you switched how you primarily give feedback for the other.  For example, if you primarily give feedback in class, how would the learning design change if you primarily gave feedback outside of class? 











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