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Page history last edited by Benjamin L. Stewart, PhD 8 years, 3 months ago

Curricular Goals



As an EFL/ESL educator, what issues do you face?                              Pedagogy                                                           Writing mechanics                           
1) Researchable problem (establishing student goals)
1) Align curricular goals with student goals 1) Capitalization  
2) Pre-writing strategies  2) Scaffolding and linking back to prior lessons  2) Serial (Oxford) comma 
3) Drafting and editing  3) Linking vertically and horizontally within the curriculum  3) Abbreviations 
4) Assessing final product) 4) Self, peer, and teacher assessment (feedback)

4) APA: Citations

5) Publishing 5) Open vs. closed learning experience 5) APA: Formatting  
    6) Puncuation 
    7) Active voice 
    8) Use of verbs 
    9) Use of pronouns 



Personal Goals

What do you expect to get out of this five-day workshop?  Anything mentioned above (or something else) that remains a personal goal, related to this workshop?


  • To obtain practical ideas for implementing effective writing ideas for the Propedéutico students.
  • To get new ideas for delivering positive feedback during the writing process.
  • To write a letter
  • To practice writing skills
  • To link theory with practice and relate it to my subjects that I teach
  • To recall issues about writing mechanics so that I keep updates and later on apply this knowledge in my lessons with my students. 


Comments (3)

James Buckingham said

at 7:21 am on Jan 11, 2016

I'm keen to focus upon improving one aspect of my current teaching practice as a Basic English Writing Composition Instructor. I’ve chosen to examine formative assessment …
how it can be done with web based tools .. to maximize the following
a) realize effective formative assessment
b) promote personalized or individualized instruction

Yanahalti said

at 12:13 pm on Jan 11, 2016

1. - I am interested in Constructivism because I want to know how social Constructivism can be applied in ESL classroom activities in order to design constructional activities.
(I believe it is too general, so we modified it)
2. - I am interested in student interaction because I want to know how more prepared students can help the less advanced ones in order to develop more confidence among students when working in pairs or groups.

saida said

at 8:34 am on Jan 15, 2016

I am interested in interaction-based instruction because I want to find out how students who struggle with their speaking skill can benefit from student-interaction strategies in order to make them aware of patterns that will help them negotiate meaning in an English conversation

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